Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just checking in...

I've been remiss keeping up the blog this year.  Too much going on here!  Currently, I'm writing the story of a local quiltmaker, two more guild lectures, and getting my collection cataloged.  

The inventory part is the most fun because my Aunt/Sister Kathy comes over to help with the cataloging. Technically Kathy is my aunt but we grew up together and she is more of a big sister to me since she is only 4 years older than me.  Anyway, we make each other laugh while we record, photograph and measure.

This is the "Cuddle Pup Coverlet" which I will be taking out on my program about children's quilts and coverlets.  Listed below is the actual ad from McCall's magazine in the Fall/Winter 1952-53 Catalog.  The wagon has a pocket that you could put a toy in.  There were apparently two patterns, one for crib and one for carriage.  I think this one is the crib cover:

So keep well and I'll be back a bit more hopefully!  Hugs!


Melissa said...

oh those pups are so sweet. What an interesting project too. Seems to be keeping you so busy!
I just wanted to say my aunt is like my sister too, she is only 4 yrs. older than me! Crazy huh!
We are closer than my sister and I are.
Take care!

Sandra :) said...

How far away does Aunt Sister Kathy live - do you get to see her often?

Sweet baby quilt - did you notice the price in the ad for the kit? Now, just the SHIPPING would be more than that, lol!

Allie said...

Oh my goodness how sweet is that quilt. Wow Mickie, you're really keeping busy, just how big is your collection??? And where do you find everything?? I think it's wonderful that you're so close to your aunt. I'm very close to mine as well, although she's only five years younger than my mum...she SEEMS much younger, lol.

Wonky Girl said...

So glad you are "checking in". Wondered where you had gotten off to. You always have the cutest projects. How are those poodle kids of yours doing, long time no see.