Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dog Advice Needed

Greta is different than any other dog we have had.  She is very sweet and cooperative except for one thing, going out to do her business after dark.  I don't know what to do at this point.  Greta was recently diagnosed with incontinence (she'd wake up and go out and I'd realize her bedding was soaked) and she is taking medicine for it.  Turns out it is a normal thing that happens to a certain percentage of female dogs who have been spayed.  The medicine is really helping but she needs to go out before bedtime...and how do I know that?  Because she submissive wets A LOT (she's a big girl)  ALL OVER MY HOUSE at night when I try to get her to go out with the boys at night.
The vet suggested treats.  That didn't work.   I'm getting diapers to put on her at night before I try to get her out but this is a real mess.  Dog people, have any suggestions?  I absolutely do NOT need another thing on my plate these days......


Wonky Girl said...

I asked a friend from Poodle Rescue about this. Below is part of what she wrote (Please email me so I can send all of her reply/info to you).

Concerning the going out at night, I wonder is it the dark or is it just that she does not desire to eliminate? I think I would try walking her to or in another area to see if that triggered anything, also give her meds later at night for the night time incontinence. Diapering does avoid the wet bed or floor issue, but it really is not the solution, but juggling the meds might be. Will she go in a flood lit yard or somewhere where it is not dark?

Sandra :) said...

Awwwwww no answers here, Mickie - I'm sorry Miss Greta is having problems, and I hope you can get the situation settled VERY soon! Maybe she just misses your mom and is doing this just so she has some control over life?

Sarah said...

Is the problem anxiety-driven from being in a new environment? Did Greta have this trouble before? Our little dog has always been very anxious. He will wet on our rugs even after going out because he is upset. We have just begun giving him a doggie treat (from our vet)called Composure which seems to calm him down some. I don't know if this would help or not. I sure hope you can find something that works. By the way, I love the rose pic on your header. :-)

Carol said...

Poor Greta. Some dogs like to do their thing in private so maybe on her own away from the male dogs ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mickie,
I just found your blog today and saw your post about lovely Greta.

I am a quilter and for the past decade or so my husband and I have had a small “sanctuary” in our home for homeless seniors (mostly poodles) from rescues or shelters who have medical or behavioral issues that make them unadoptable. It has been very rewarding. We provide them a forever home and do all that we can to provide the best medical intervention. Helping these companions has given me some experience in dealing with canine incontinence issues.

We have the loveliest miniature poodle girl (she is 14) who is incontinent. The vet prescribed Phenylpropalanine (the brand name that we use is Proen) and it has worked like a charm!!!!! In the past two years she has had ZERO accidents! If your vet prescribed Proen he/she might have to adjust the dosage. If Greta continues to have accidents while you are finding a solution, I would recommend this vendor for diapers: Their diapers do NOT leak at all and are impeccably designed to keep moisture away from your dog.

Another of our companions had some incontinence issues that were much more complicated. When Proen did not work, a hormone was prescribed. If the Proen does not work, I would recommend that you explore that. And of course if Greta is not experiencing the typical “spay incontinence” she might have kidney/bladder stones - which are very treatable. (I believe that one of the first things that typically is done is to prescribe a special diet.)

I TOTALLY understand your concerns about this on many different levels. I am very optimistic that you will have a very positive outcome! Greta is a gem!