Wednesday, August 25, 2010


As dog lovers say, she crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday.  She was friends with our Paddie and only 7 years old.  In the spring she had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of mammory cancer.  Part border collie, part shepherd, she was one smart dog and sooooo funny and entertaining.  She had a whole repatoire of tricks that she loved to do.  We shall miss her terribly and send love and hugs to our dear friends, Lori, Scott, and Justin.


Allie said...

Oh how sad - she was so young - such a beauty!

Dawn said...

Please pass on my sincere sympathy to your friends.

Sandra :) said...

Oh dear - so young to go to the Rainbow Bridge - I'm so very sorry :( RIP sweet Miss Ava ... obviously you had some very wonderful people loving on you, and that's a great legacy to leave. My condolences to your family :(