Sunday, April 5, 2009

Err on the side of caution......

I had this Easter Egg fat quarter for years and didn't use it. It was part of my "good stash" and I was saving it. It's a bad habit I'm trying to break. So I started making Easter Egg child-sized placemats. Originally, I was making 3. I figured if I was making 1 for Helena, might as well make a few. I like to do more than one when I make something. I usually won't make it again so that way I have a few in the stockpile.

(This is the back side.)
I am glad I worked on 3 because I ended up cutting my finger with the rotary cutter and two of the placemats were soiled and ruined. This is the one that was left:
Fortunately, Helena has her Easter egg placemat!


Patty said...

I'm glad you ended up with one placemat -- it's really cute! I hope your finger is ok. Hopefully, you were able to save some of the fabric from the ruined placemats.

Karen said...

OUCH! Hope it's feeling better...and that placemat is so sweet.